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Take A Look Around - Desperate Minds - Like It Was Only Yesterday (Cassette)

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We were thinking it was gonna rain, but I didn't think about it was gonna get cold and I was about to put our sweaters up for the year and I love to wear my sweaters. You know, always right before Easter and other coats and happen. I get to wear it again. So maybe I'll get cold tomorrow and I wear it again even then, but listen my name is Joshua.

If you don't know pastor at the bridge, we've been kinda meeting and joining Lancaster campus and as family really during this time you know and and right before all this craziness happened we were in the Middle of a series called We need a Savior and I'm gonna tell you that title means a lot more now than it did a couple of weeks ago.

We need a savior today. Don't we we need a savior and and again, although no one would have disputed it, then we all know we need a savior. It seems really true. Today, it seems really true right now. And we've been talking about. I believe that God has been revealing himself to us during this time. I believe that right now you know and I go into the stores and and I'll be somewhere and I'll just kinda talk to people cuz that's what I do.

I just kinda get in and kinda weird and kinda going to say, Hey, how's everything going you know and start talking to people. And I'm telling you God's moving amongst his people. There's open hearts and open minds like that that I that I can see God is moving and calling people to himself and for the first time in a long time, we're listening. We are open to the idea the truth that we need a savior.

And this morning, I want you to know that Yes, we need a savior but Hallelujah. And I want you to know that that when you experience God move in your life when you feel God call you when you when you come to this realization are you realize that? I'm back. I really don't know what happened. It off like that, okay. Now, I have no hands to flop around now. Okay, but listen when God grabs a hold of you and God answers prayer.

God has been providing for our families, sometimes just by the day and there was a time when we would go to the store and they would be just one thing left and it's just what we needed for the day.

I'm not the only one God's moving in in my life like that right when God moves in your life when God starts answering prayer when you start realizing that God is so great and so mighty. When you start getting that it cannot be taken away at all, it can't be taken away that knowledge and that experience in that truth is unshakable.

Nobody can take that truth away right because Jesus comes breaking in and I believe that God has been calling us back to him during this time. I feel like he's revealing himself more and more to us during this time that he's opening our hearts and minds more than he ever has and I see his hand at work.

I know you do too no. I don't think he brought the virus, but I think he's using it to bring families together. He's using it to show us how comfortable we really were and how much we've been relying on ourselves and on the the comforts of this world, he's showing us our need for him.

Jesus is revealing himself to us in new ways right now and in Jesus is breaking through in new ways right now in ways he never has before.

He begins to restore us. He breaks chains. He takes our fear and he he breaks that and he brings wholeness back to our lives. He saves us.

Jesus breaks through and we need a Savior and Jesus is breaking through today in Mark We read about Jesus breaking through and it's such an important moment. Just like pastor talked about Jesus, the coming King fulfilling prophecy Jesus The Messiah God's love revealed Jesus to save mankind Jesus the coming King and we read about it in Mark And it says as they approached Jerusalem and came to Beth Page in Bethany at the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two of his disciples, saying to them go to the village ahead of you and as you enter it, you'll find a colt tied there, which no one has written untie it and bring it here.

Excuse me. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone ask you why are you doing this say the Lord needs it and we'll send it back here shortly and so they went and they found a cold outside in the Street tied at the doorway and as they untitled some people stand some people standing there asked what are you doing? I'm tying that cult and they answered as Jesus had told them and the people let them go and when they brought the cult to Jesus and through their clothes over it, he sat on it and many people.

Their clothes on the road, while other spread branches that cut in the fields, those who went ahead and those who followed shouted Hosanna blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed is the coming King of our father, David Hosanna and the highest heaven Jesus entered Jerusalem and went into the temple courts. He looked around at everything, but since it was already late, he went out to Bethany with the 12 so Jesus broke.

That day, he is establishing himself as the coming King and the people shouted Hosanna. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord like Pastor, said Jos Anas can be translated as God save us.

They needed a savior. They wanted a savior. They were desperate for God to reveal himself. I just cannot stay in one place. They were desperate for God to reveal himself and to take back his land. They were dead. For God to move and restore his people, they needed a Savior and Jesus showed up Jesus showed up as a King as our savior. He wasn't hiding.

He was proclaiming in the midst of the chaos of the day. Jesus showed up fulfilling prophecy and he was revealing himself as the way the truth and the light.

Showed up in the Middle of the chaos to proclaim that he was the King. He showed up in all the uncertainty of living in a broken world and proclaimed. I am he. I am the Messiah Jesus revealed himself as the coming King in that moment in all the chaos and all the pain and all the suffering and all the doubt, Jesus said. I am here. And the people responded, they were so desperate to see God move they praise his name. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord Hosanna God saved us now every hope every every hope of salvation.

Every promise from God rested on Jesus and the people were so relieved they were excited. They shouted and waved palm branches. They needed a savior and here came Jesus and I'm saying.

Jesus breaks into your life like that when Jesus breaks through your pain and your fear and your shame and your depression and your anxiety.

Nothing can pluck you from his hand and when Jesus reveals himself to you and you respond there is. Peace and there's no peace like that peace. There is no freedom like that freedom. There is no words to describe the fullness of heart. We sing song after song and we don't even touch it do it. There is no freedom like that, no words to explain that joy.

When Jesus breaks through you can't unsee it, you can unexperienced it. There is no undo when Jesus breaks through things change and as he wrote in. Town He was praised and his glory was ushered in by the praises of his people. There was no one do when Jesus shows up when he breaks through things change. There is no undo Jesus was here and they even tried to get rid of EM didn't they they tried to sweep it under the rug when he got hey, this is not what we had in mind.

Let's get rid of Jesus. They tried to kill him, but there is no undo for Jesus and he when he rose again, but he they tried to kill him, but he rose again. The joy change the anger, Jesus didn't change when the praises turned to crucify him.

Jesus didn't change when he was threatened with death and was arrested and beaten. I grew up with my stepmother. My parents were nowhere to be found. Are you cynical? I still spend a lot of time thinking about what a year-old must be thinking right now.

And there are still a lot of issues from that time of my life that are unresolved. Such as? You need bigger, grandiose ways. How much of that do you trace back to your childhood? A lot. Not all. There are a lot of issues that would have been there no matter who I grew up with. But it exacerbated it. I went out in the world, made some good, shot my mouth off and got my head beaten in. A lot of that stuff is resolving in me now. But do you remember anything good about growing up? I remember a lot of freedom.

The lack of the family structure certainly gave me a lot of freedom. I did have responsibilities. I did have to take care of my little brother. But within that, I could just do whatever I wanted to do.

I remember reading a lot, playing a lot, doing a lot of dumb things. What did you read? Books on philosophy, Nietzsche. I read a lot of crazy shit. Maybe it was some kind of weird preparation to take on the world [ laughs ].

What was the first record you bought? The first one I can remember buying was Meet the Beatles! We had other records lying around when I was 5 or 6. And weird stuff like the Delfonics. Al Green. I was never into punk rock.

Cheap Trick were the ultimate band. I think the Pumpkins just picked up from where that left off. The retro tag has always been way off to me. I want to punch people.

Those are some of the best-sounding records ever made. Masters of Reality sounded pretty awesome to my wee ears, with the doubled Ozzy vocals. Did you ever see your father play gigs when you were young? He never really kept any tapes or anything. But I never got to see him in his element.

He never really played with successful bands. One of his claims to fame for me was he was invited to be in the Amboy Dukes before Ted Nugent. We had guitars lying everywhere. Never picked one up. But it never really dawned on me. Then I saw my friend playing in his basement, and that was it. Saved up all my birthday money, bought a guitar. I remember it was April 1, and the first day I got it I practiced for four hours. Her name is Catherine and they immediately start talking and joking.

She is someone who, although not biologically related to Melody, cares about her wellbeing, and goes out of her way to help her succeed. Melody is now in a language-arts class, too. The teacher, Miss Gordon , is young and energetic. She plays games with the students, like vocabulary bingo.

Miss Gordon teaches in an empathetic way—when she teaches about Anne Frank, the students squeeze into a small space to feel how Anne really felt. Miss Gordon also gives Melody books on tape. Eventually, Miss Gordon assigns a long-term biography project. The Anne Frank activity also underscores the basic differences between Melody and many of her classmates.

While they have to try hard to imagine what it would be like to live a life where you feel trapped, Melody experiences these feelings every day. Catherine makes it so Melody can take tests. During spelling tests Melody points to letters and Catherine writes them down. House: Acid House - by Fernand8. Laurie Laptop's Hactrax by lauriek. Sasha - Playlist by iamdek. Can You Feel The Difference? We Need Somebody!!

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Once, my brother told me his interpretation, and I thought it was very appropriate. It begins like John's, but the man does indeed catch the plane and perishes. He was desperate to catch the plane only to end up dying. Had he accepted fate, and not been determined to force his will on the situation and let the plane depart without him, he would.

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